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BS-102 Magnetic Common Door Reader

$300.00 $500.00
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Common Door Reader is for Lobby, side exit, vending room, laundry room, Swimming Pool etc

Magnetic Card Common Door Reader:
The Magnetic Card Common Door Reader works with the BS-102 Magnetic Hotel Locking System
to provide guests with common door (Lobby, side exit, elevators, vending room, laundry room, etc.)
access using their hotel room card.
The reader seamlessly allows access for guest and hotel staff with a proper hotel room card.
Once the hotel room card expires, the card will no longer function to open the common door.
This kit includes 12V DV Adapter and Eixt Button.
Magnetic Card Common Door Reader must work with Electric Strike or Magnetic locks.
If you do not have them on the door. Please call us or go to our Locking Devices to buy it.
One Year Warranty !

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